Artificial Flavor

Flavors + Colors

Potentially Harmful


Chemical mixtures created to mimic naturally occurring flavors
Health Impact
Artificial flavors can be made with over 100 chemicals, none of which are required to be disclosed on the product label, so it can be very hard to determine what harmful ingredients lie within them. Artificial flavors have been shown to reduce red blood cell production in animal testing, and certain flavors were shown to have a toxic effect on their bone marrow cells. These flavors are also created to be addictive, leading consumers to eat more without feeling full.


Synthetic ingredients in Natural Flavors and Natural Flavors in Artificial flavors
Toxicity of synthetic flavorings, nature identical and artificial, to hematopoietic tissue cells of rodents
Assessment of Grape, Plum and Orange Synthetic Food Flavourings Using in vivo Acute Toxicity Tests

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