One of the most requested and searched product categories in Trash Panda is protein bars. So often, protein bars are marketed as healthy when the ingredient lists say differently. You asked, and we listened: this week we’re unpacking what really goes into some of the most popular protein bars, and giving you our favorite #TrashPandaApproved picks.
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Gratisfied Empower Bar

Gratisfied’s original grain-free favorite is made with nuts, seeds, and other superfoods, in addition to plant-based pea protein, organic egg and avocado oil for the perfect meal or snack. Insider tip? Crumble one of these bars in your yogurt or oatmeal to really elevate your breakfast. We also love that this brand is female-founded!

Chocolate Mint Perfect Bar

It’s no secret that the Perfect Bar is delicious. A quick scan through Trash Panda shows that these bars might actually be perfect. Find these bars in the refrigerated section of your local grocery store and thank us later.

Primal Kitchen Chocolate Coconut Bar

New from Primal Kitchen is their Keto-friendly, high protein, paleo bars. Made with real ingredients (as just about everything is with Primal Kitchen), we can’t say enough good things about these bars. Try out their almond spice or coconut lime flavors too!

G2G Almond Fruit Bar

G2G believes preservatives and other artificial ingredients can have a negative impact on our overall health. Because of this, G2G bars are built for the fridge and we love it. Full of pure protein, gluten-free, and available in a variety of flavors — G2G has it all figured out. Most definitely Trash Panda approved and perfect for the whole family.

Trash Panda Swaps

To round out this list, we’re finishing with 2 extremely popular (and truthfully, delicious) brands: Barebells and Quest. However, if it’s ingredient quality you’re looking for, we recommend a swap with an RX Bar. Transparency over everything.
We hope this week’s article provided some clarity about the false marketing that frequents the protein bar section of the grocery store. At the end of the day, you should choose what you enjoy - and if it happens to be from a highlighted brand, even better!